Board of Directors

Current Board Members: 2023-2024

Each Kiwanis club is governed by elected officers and a Board of Directors.

We believe in transparency, you can read our Bylaws by clicking the button below. and recent tax filing.

Adrian Kiwanis Bylaws

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Cary Carrico, President to 9/30/2024

Heather Pearce, President Elect to 9/30/2024

Drake Lolley, Vice President to 9/30/2024

Joe Williams, Treasurer to 9/30/2024

Paula Trentman, Secretary to 9/30/2024

Lynne Punnett, Past President to 9/30/2024

Board Members

Frank Rhames

Mark Baker

Stephanie Lundy

Roger Ferguson

Chris Tarsha

Anita Lewis

Dusty Steele