Community Impact Grant Guidelines

For funding requests above $2,500

The Kiwanis Club of Adrian intentionally takes action to positively impact our community. We are a club united in service, building a vibrant community for generations to come. Our goal is to positively impact the Adrian Community by:

  • Supporting development for youth and families.
  • Supporting health, wellness and recreation.


Projects must align with the mission and at least one of the objectives of the Kiwanis Club of Adrian stated above. Please read through and adhere to these guidelines, as well as the application process and document submission outlined here.

  • Community Impact Grants are reserved for BIG IMPACT projects.
  • Funds be used solely for the granted purpose.
  • Organizations must be a 501(c)3 and provide services within the Adrian area.
  • Funded activities must commence in a timely manner (within 120 days) and expenditures must be made within one year of the receipt of the grant, unless special permission is granted.
  • No grant will be given for any purpose that would jeopardize the tax-exempt status of Kiwanis Club of Adrian or the applicant organization.
  • Grant recipients shall acknowledge Kiwanis Club of Adrian in all promotional materials, activities, and programs funded by Kiwanis Club of Adrian funds.
  • The Kiwanis Club of Adrian Board of Directors typically does not entertain requests for political or religious activities or from individuals or foundations (unless specifically identified for one specific purpose or event).
  • At most, Kiwanis will accept one Community Impact Grant request per organization per year.
  • Requests are considered on an open, rolling basis with no specific deadline as long as funds are available. The club’s fiscal year is October 1 – September 30.

Application Process

Organizations applying for financial support should follow these steps. Please note this is a multi-step process that takes at least three months to complete. Emergency financial assistance requests will not be considered.

  1. Contact the Club President to confirm that funding is still available and that the project aligns with Kiwanis Club of Adrian goals. Send an e-mail to to contact current President, Cary Carrico.
  2. Submission:
    • Complete the application form and submit it electronically.
    • The form may be saved at any time. You may return to continue working on the application using the link provided after saving.
    • Submissions will be sent to the current CIC Chair, using the form and submission process through this website.
    • Identify a Kiwanian that is familiar with your organization’s mission and may champion the project through the process. If you are unable to identify a Kiwanian, one may be chosen for you based on interest.
  3. Review Process:
      • The CIC reviews requests on a regular basis.
      • Based on the submitted grant request, the CIC will take one of three actions:
        • Recommend to the Kiwanis Club of Adrian Club Board to move forward with the request. (See the next bullet point for the remaining process.)
        • Follow-up with additional questions to the requesting organization before action is taken.
        • Denial of the request based on funding availability or if the project does not align with the Kiwanis Club of Adrian goals/objectives. If the grant request is denied, the organization will be notified by email.
      • If approved, the CIC makes a recommendation to the Club Board. The Club Board meets monthly on the first Thursday. The Club Board will decide whether or not to move the project along in the process, or follow-up with additional questions.
      • A presentation to the general membership during a normal weekly club meeting will occur. The presentation will be made by the Kiwanis Club of Adrian “champion,” not a member of the applicant organization – unless they are a member of Kiwanis.
      • An advisory vote will take place via paper ballot, collected, and counted during the meeting. Results will be announced at the end of the meeting.
      • If approved, the Foundation Board will review the request to assure the funds are available.
      • The Club Board will take a final vote on the project and notify the Foundation, general club membership, and requesting organization of the outcome. Payment may take 60-90 days.

    Information Needed

    Proposals must contain the following information and must be completed according to the form on the next page in order to be considered for funding.

    • Part 1: Organization and contact information
    • Part 2: Narrative responses
    • Part 3: Required attachments
    • Part 4: Certification
    Begin the Community Impact Grant Application